Earnings calculation - meeting deadlines, precision

Payroll - Earnings Calculation

✔ Information and data management system (the client and the contractor sign the Contract on Confidentiality regarding NDA data)
✔ Maximum discretion, trust, precision and accuracy of earnings calculations


Special reference to data security and
confidentiality (NDA system )

Earnings calculation – discreet, practical and exact

Organized company with a clear sectoral division

Defining potentially problematic areas of business for each client

Discretion in working with the client

Security and absolute confidentiality of data

Registered to perform accounting activities

Employees with the title of certified accountant

Communication in English

Daily communication with clients in English

Personal approach - kindness, expertise, stability

Meeting the real needs of clients

30 years of experience and existence in the market

Accounting firm with AAA + business rating

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Sophisticated and Proven Technological Method of Data Transfer Between Appropriate Salary Record and Calculation Software

We have been working in Microsoft NAV and Pantheon for more than 15 years. We have experience working with all their versions that have changed over the years.

The best relationship between quality and price

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Individually tailored solutions and individual approach to the real needs of the client

Offer Based on Number of Employees

The offer calculates the salary that is based (invoiced) based on the number of employees

Perfect Business

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We guarantee trust with 30 years of experience and existence on the market

One Point Of Contact

Principle according to which only one person is authorized by the client and one person by the contractor company Rota Consulting doo

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Earnings calculation
is quick and easy

Avoid entering your earnings account manually into the e-banking system. Sending payroll to each employee individually.



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