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For 30 years, Rota Consulting d.o.o. has successfully been providing accounting, consulting and administrative services, as well as legal benefits to clients through the attorneys. The company was founded with a simple vision, which is to enable economic prosperity and business progress to our partners.

We achieve this by investing in finding innovative and individually designed solutions for the various accounting and financial needs of our customers. Adequate implementation of this approach, combined with a team of experts in the field of tax consulting, accounting and payroll, is the main reason why our company has maintained an enviable status for years.

We cooperate with over 80 companies, several representative offices, entrepreneurs and non-governmental organizations. Our reference list includes domestic and international companies, with headquarters in Italy, Slovenia, Germany, Great Britain, Switzerland, Austria and other countries.

Credibility, professionalism and dedication to work are confirmed by our long-term business partners – RCL SYST Group, ROX Bg, MSF Pharm, Info Media Group.

The overall mission of the company is focused on providing the highest quality service possible. We are firmly committed to the philosophy that our greatest achievement is the satisfaction and success of our clients. In order to achieve that, we are investing in additional education of our employees through accredited trainings and seminars.

Rota Consulting is one of the first registered companies to perform accounting activities at the Chamber of Auditors, where each of our employees has the status of a certified accountant. In addition, we are one of the most prominent members of the Association of Accountants and Auditors of the Republic of Serbia.

For 30 years of work, we received the Charter of the Chamber of Commerce of Serbia, as well as the Charter “Captain Miša Anastasijević”.

Our primary goal is to monitor the development of your career and help raise your business to the highest possible point!

Over 30 years of experience in accounting and tax consulting

We are one of the first companies registered to perform accounting activities with the Chamber of Auditors (with employees who have the title of certified accountant)

Milorad Zečević –Director and owner

Ljubiša Zečević - Director of Finance bookkeeping, reporting, tax consulting

Olivera Miljković –
Head Accountant

Milica Čarapić – Accountant and

Mirjana Sopić –Administration, Human Resources


Milorad Đorđević – Lawyer , legal services, tax consulting

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