Administration - professional, efficient and simple


✔ If you do not have an adequate person to deal with the administration (if you do not have a large enough amount of work for that position), make a strategic decision to outsource the administration.
✔ Primary attention to monitoring all legal activities and adequate application in the work of clients.


30 years of experience in the administration sector guarantees quality outsourcing of this complex matter

Commitment to each client through quality and speed of service

Simple and clear cooperation

An accounting company with which you will work well

Registered to perform accounting activities

Employees with the title of certified accountant

30 years of experience and existence in the market

Accounting firm with AAA + business rating

Communication in English

Daily communication with clients in English

Personal approach - kindness, expertise, stability

Meeting the real needs of clients

Organized company with a clear sectoral division

Defining potentially problematic areas of business for each client

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Financial profitability (savings) of outsourcing of administration

Separately organized administration sector that adheres to the principle of company data confidentiality ( NDA )

Resolution of the Burden of Administration

Administracija ROTA Consulting 1

Individually tailored solutions and individual approach to the real needs of the client

Monthly Administration

Administracija ROTA Consulting 2

The monthly lump sum is formed in accordance with the scope of documentation and the complexity of the work

Financial Profitability

Administracija ROTA Consulting 3

The best relationship between quality and price.

We think about potential problems and point them out in advance (proactive approach)

Maximum commitment, confidentiality (NDA) and flexibility (willingness to provide services not included in the lump sum).

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Determining documentation is quick and easy

Easy way of document management – means handing over the documentation to the courier or at the agency’s headquarters, i.e. electronically, via the document management system.



Do you need an advice?

In a multitude of different accounting agencies, choosing the right accountant can be a real nightmare. Our team of experts will make sure that you get all the information you need to fulfill your accounting obligations and answer all the questions you encounter when choosing an accountant.

If you are interested in verified information; you want fast, professional and simple cooperation; you appreciate quality and like to keep up with the times, then our agency is the right place for you. 

If you need the advice or help of an expert in choosing an accountant or tax advisor, fill out the form with all the information and answers to the questions and send it to us. We will contact you and respond as soon as possible.

In case you need information immediately, our experts will be happy to help you and answer all your questions: 00381 11 39-10-74, ROTA Consulting team

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